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Company Profile

   Taian Yingda Xunneng Electric Science and Technology Co.,Ltd is a new type joint stock company that build according to modern enterprise system. It’s located at the foot of famous  Taishan and belongs to State New Hi-tech Development Zone. It occupies more than 160 mu, has 80,000 square meters workshop and more than 400 employees.
   The company’s R&D center has complete innovation system which insists combine internal talents and external think tank and exploration and innovation.Aim at national key projects and market’s demand, the company has developed in-depth academic research and technical cooperation with Xi’an Jiaotong University, Shandong University, Harben Institute of Technology and other famous institutions of higher learning,  strengthened scientific  research and technological upgrading, continuously and launched new products which has significant contribution and improvement to the market.
   The company devotes main efforts to research and produce of 10-35kV S11 and S13 series three dimensional coiled core oil immersed power transformer, amorphous alloy power transformer, dry type transformer, S11 oil immersed power transformer, prefabricated substation, prefabricated switching station, wind power generation special box transformer substation, combined transformer, HV&LV switch cubicle, LV automatic reactive compensation device,ring main unit,  electric energy metering box control cabinet, terminal box, power transformation and distribution on line monitoring devices and so on smart power control and power transformation and distribution equipments.
   The company always adhere to customers as focus, has passed ISO 9001 and ISO14001, adopts 7S site management, OTB target management, ERP management system and other international advanced enterprise management system and scientific management methods, builds a perfect management and guarantee system.
   People-oriented, integrity management, exploration and innovation, win-win  development is relentless pursuit of all employees of Taian Yingda Xunneng Electric Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. All employees of the whole company develop the enterprise sprit of strive to surpass, pursuit to excellence with full confidence, provide much more high reliable  products with good quality and first class service, make the company become the top class professional manufacturing enterprise.

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